How to use PHP with the SAP DI API

PHP is as of 2019 one of the leading and preferred languages by developers due to its being easy to learn and deploy. It powers approximately 78.9 percent of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know, based on this survey. Although .NET / C# is the preferred programming language by most SAP extension […]

SAP DI API Objects

Below is an interactive table of available objects within the SAP Business One DI-API with their value and description. You can filter the table using the Search box and sort each columns as needed. SAP DI API Objects In cases where the DI API object number value is needed, the following table data can be […]

Creating An External SAP Portal

Learn the process in how we create external SAP portals for our clients. In this case study we address specific problems and develop business software solutions to counter them. Creating an External SAP Portal One of the good things with using SAP Business One is its versatility. Although SAP Business One is already full of […]

Is React perfect for your SAP extension solution?

Is React perfect for your SAP extension solution? React is a simple, yet powerful Javascript UI framework/library, but how good is it for your SAP extension solution? React is an open source technology developed by Facebook that was released in early 2013. ¬†Currently it is maintained by both Facebook and a community of individual developers […]