Enhance Productivity

Enhance security, prevent errors and improve data quality by extending SAP functionality with external apps.

Enhance Security

SAP Business One’s system is inherently secure, but if you want external applications to interact with its API system you want a secure and efficient way of transmitting data.

Our system uses security enhancements and protocols to achieve this. We are able to add distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack defenses, SSL/TLS security protocols, and data encryption, among others, to our integrations.

Our years of experience in IT security and software development security standards have only served as a catalyst for providing the best security for our clients. Businesses can’t afford to have a weak security system placed around their integrations. In this day and age of corporate hacking, prevalence of ransomware and ease of malware distribution we are vigilant and dedicated to providing strict and secure solutions so our clients won’t have to deal with these security fallouts.

Continued security enhancements are essential in keeping up to date defenses when it comes to security. At SAP developers we maintain these enhancements and make sure our clients’ software is secure.

Prevent Errors

When you have integrations with SAP like external portals, you need additional error handling protocols built in. Error prevention strategies such as input validations, data validations , minimum and maximum calculations etc.  are essential to the integrity of your SAP data.

Examples of these are email validation, ensuring the correct currencies are used, minimum prices, maximum costs and enforcing a country’s keyboard character standards to UTF-8. These and so much more are all integral to how SAP processes data. SAP will reject data entries if some of these are deemed incorrect and data entry errors will cost your company time and money in the long run.

We provide the highest standards when it comes to preventing SAP errors as we adhere to SAP’s software integration documentations strictly. Our testing approach ensures that data entries will always be valid when it is presented to the SAP API in use.

Improve Data Quality

SAP’s business objects have built in connections with each other. There are table column structural relations like in SQL terminology that ensure data integrity. An example of this is for business partners and default shipping addresses. There are 2 SAP B1 objects related to this, and business partners always have to obtain default shipping addresses in the object entry for example.

We always adhere to SAP documentation and we actively engage in SAP’s forums when it comes to maintaining  data quality. We research every possibility of a client’s used SAP business object relationships. The business logic set up within SAP ensures that data is high quality, so we make sure to maintain the same quality in our client’s external applications.

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