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VAT is on the way for GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) – Simplify your VAT transition with VSD Techno Services


VAT – value added tax is going to be applicable in all countries incorporated in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) from the 1st January 2018, however UAE and Saudi Arabia will be the preliminary two countries that are going to roll out VAT in the GCC from early 2018, whilst remaining GCC countries will implement the thereof in the next year only. This VAT is applicable to all the business that meets least yearly income of DH 375,000, which would be ascertained by their annual financial documents and is obligatory for them to register with the VAT system.

Undoubteduly, this new tax laws is implemented in the system to empower the economic development of the GCC countries and enable them to be a strong contender among the world’s advanced economies. This VAT in GCC has imposed businesses to change business operation of taxation in order to ensure compliance with the VAT law by 2018 and that ultimately will impact all areas of business operations like procurement, distribution, pricing strategy, inventory, and cash flow.

The change in the business operation is ultimately going to impact planning, processes, IT system of the organization that also demands changes. Hence, businesses will also need to transit their existing SAP system to VAT.  And we as an SAP consultant believe it is our duty to assist GCC countries and their businesses with a smooth transition of their SAP business systems to a VAT system. In order to make a successful transition of the existing SAP system to the VAT, we have incorporated a team of consultant virtuoso in logistics, financial, accounting, SAP technology, VAT, holds strong grip on the respective segment, and also have analyzed and understand the VAT profoundly, hence is proficient to draw out the effective transition roadmap for customers to compliance with the VAT.


What we provide as a SAP Consultant for your VAT

Every business embraces different structure and thusly organization requires adviser that counsel the finest way for their business to transition to VAT and that is what we provide to end the conundrum of the thousands of entrepreneurs undergoing VAT next year. Our objective is to understand the business thoroughly and adapt prominent aspects to ensure a seamless transition and meeting compliance necessities.

We have become a choice of thousands of industries for transiting VAT to the SAP System in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, if you are looking for the same – call back for a further discussion, it’s FREE..!

Every industry or business sector covered in GCC countries obliges to implement VAT in their SAP system; and we are here to make that implementation easier and happier. – call back us today..!

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