SAP technical services

We have broad experience in implementation, designing, and managing the operation of the SAP technical services, SAP technical support servicesWe always with you to work you to define the most excellent way to get value from your SAP Investment by establishing the proper SAP technical services. VSD have an experienced team of SAP consultants. They have SAP Technical Support, SAP Technical Support consultant in respective Technical skills.

Why to use SAP Technical services of VSD:-

  • Effective Development process: – Our team member work efficient way to process modern coding, techniques communication tools always improvement process to ensure high-quality project at cost effective manner.
  • Custom Development: – we offer custom arrangement to meet particular requirement of a client by following SAP code development standards.
  • Experience: – With 15+ years of experience SAP ABAP, SAP BODS, SAP PI/PO, BI/PO and also workflow development we have conveyed 100% successful projects to satisfied clients.
  • Quick project execution: – our dedicated highly skilled and experienced team suggests fast project turnaround time to meet the requirement of the clients. We offer as needed technical consulting onsite and online support.


What is SAP ABAP?

SAP ABAP Advanced business application program is a programming language for creating application for SAP R/3 framework which is broadly introduced business an application framework. VSD have an expert team of Development consultant with well explain project process for delivery virtue at cost effective manner.

VSD team work with an experienced team of more than 1000 objects in ABAP which includes all various types like RICEFW means R(Reports) Interface(I), Conversion(C), Enhancements(E) , Forms (F) and Workflow(W).

  1. Interface:-AS non-part of SAP system as in some organization some of the a business processes like planning, quality management, function which are maintained in some other system. VSD help in business where to gives the details what data needs to be transferred or what data to be received.

    We have experience in following interfaces like

    • Proxy-based interface
    • File-based interface
    • Web service interface
    • RFC based interface
  1. Conversion: – A conversion means the data that is converted from one system to another system. It is a part of the business object where the data are not completely trashing but you are replacing in your legacy system.
  1. Forms: –For all business, the printing information is needs Forms are nothing but from SAP the printout is taken where inspection lots certificate of analysis (COA). The Standard SAP with pre-configured layout of the design form which meets the requirement of the clients.

    As our expert team have experience in the development provide the output with various latest techniques like a medium of print, Fax, email, EDI etc.

    Enhancements: – We provide to the client’s very efficient services of Enhancements. Enhancements are user exits and object-oriented models of user-exits. An enhancement is a one of the part of the business process which is highly run on the standards SAP organization. Some requirements of clients which cannot be done at that time we have to go for Enhancements. We work on uniqueness to give effective result to the clients. We are experts in

    • User exists
    • Customer exists
    • Screen exists
    • Implicit Enhancement
    • Routine development
  1. Reports: – VSD provide the reports database and output on filter criteria which is highly selected by the end user. It’s highly depends upon some selection. As there are various categories of reports. During the life of your legacy system, you wanted to load data for the further process.
    • Standard SAP reports
    • Custom reports:- VSD
    • AD HOC queries : Reports refer as programming. Our Standard ABAP team provides SAP standard reports to improve the business requirement of clients. For this team have to decide with clients that which way the selection of screen, output, and what they have to like display on the screen. We have experience in multiple levels ALV (ABAP List Viewer) and calling the codes from ALV to make more use for the business.
  1. Workflow: –We provide workflow information to the clients in very efficient manner all the channels are connected to the activities to exchange the information.We can also develop the workflow output based on all whole information of the object for example Production order.


SAP BASIS means “Business, Application Software Integrated Solution”. SAP Basis is a server side web technology to run basically it is an OS for SAP application and ABAP, SAP Basis Consultant, SAP Basis Support. VSD have an expert team which cover all BASIS parts and provide all services like Database, memory management, operating system communication runtime collection of web requests and exchanging business data etc. BASIS supports many OS system. All services are provided in cost effective manner and deliver huge quality result to the clients.

Why VSD:-

  • Pervasive experience with SAP BASIS
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Have ability to handle multiple task
  • Expert team with solid analytical and problem solving ability
  • Experience developing and delivering SAP security strategies and Guidelines.

SAP BASIS Services

We provide SAP Basis services all complete of the SAP technical life cycle according to the requirement of the clients. We provide all installation, configuration, support and maintenance services even after completion

Our BASIS services includes:

  • SAP BASIS installation
  • SAP consulting
  • Database monitoring
  • Maintenance and support
  • Upgrading
  • Monitoring
  • License Maintenance
  • Analysis system
  • Manage Module

SAP Security: – VSD have high level of experience in SAP security and Governance of SAP. Our experts have proven experience in managing SAP modules like FI, Merchandising and Logistic. SAP Security is highly authorization concept that helps to establish maximum security, sufficient privileges for end user.


VSD is a leading global professional services company providing a broad range of services and solution of SAP BODS. VSD SAP Business objects Data services application can deliver business solution for Data integration, Data quality, profiling and text analysis and delivered data to support critical business processes and enables flawless decision. We can say that BODS is a combination of a number of products including Data Integrators and Data quality. Integration and transformation can be done using database programming language like SQL and PLSQL. Data Integrator is powerful for ETL solution.

 The BODS ETL (Extraction Transformation and loading). The ETL is a data storage place where the entire process how data loaded from one source system until the load in to the storage system.


The SAP PI/Po means SAP PI (Process Integration) /SAP PO (process orchestration) is a tools that allows you the integrate solution. VSD provide SAP PI/PO application consulting services with full management services. The SAP PI is build according to the SAP web application servers.


What do you mean by BI?

BI Intelligence is a compounded of all the IT solution responsible for extracting, transforming and loading data as well as different type of information operating reporting and analysis. BO means Business object is one of the market leaders in Business Intelligence area.

VSD expert team is delivery  SAP Bi Implementation, SAP Bo Implementation, SAP Bi Bo Development, BI/BO strategic value of information so that organization can model, develop improve enterprise business process and drive best decision making. The BI/BO is the most innovative business intelligence suites of Business objects with most advanced and complete solution. Our expert focuses on how to apply BI/BO technologies to cutting edge so clients can also improve experience and developing smarter.

Benefits of SAP BI/BO:-

  • Help for decision making with perceptive exploration, reporting and sharing.
  • Affordable based solution supporting quick time to value
  • Totally view of the business through the integration of information from multiple sources.
  • Faster and more cooperative decision making
  • Ability to access fast and analyze data
  • Time saving

SAP Workflow Development

VSD provides 3 services of SAP Workflow development like SAP ABAP Workflow

  • Leave Workflow
  • Time workflow
  • Travel and expense workflow

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